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Uplevel your confidence video

I was first introduced to affirmations by Louise Hay in her You Can Heal Your Life book, back in the 1990’s.

Her answer to almost every problem was an affirmation.

As time went on, I used them and viewed them as a way to pray. I started to see their value, the changes in my thinking process and how much they could help so many people.

When you read an affirmation that’s speaks to you, keep it and use it as a reminder of who you are.

That’s what Louise Hay did too. In her house, she had affirmation cards everywhere, each helping with whatever she happened to be working on at that time.

That inspired me to create the Frame of Mind collection. They are an out of the box quotes and phrases that gets us out of a slump or stuck thinking. I have them hanging on some of my walls. Just like that, I stop, close my eyes, and let my higher self help me point a finger on what I need most. It’s not magic but it is surely a magical and powerful moment every time. Try it for yourself here.

One of my favorite Louise affirmation - one that I use whenever things aren’t going right in my life is:

All Is Well Everything is working out for my highest good. From this situation only good will come.

And you know what? It works. Of course, I may need to say it to myself over and over for a while—but it always seems to help.

If I have some resistance or any disempowering tail enders, then I do a couple of tapping rounds until it has shifted to a good feeling – the emotions360 effect as I call it! Faster EFT Tapping process always seems to make me feel better and relieves the stress of whatever situation I’m dealing with.

Now, let’s get you going with the short and inspiring affirmation video.

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