I believe transformation starts when you decide that things can no longer be the same.

I believe in “Emotionally Focused Transformations” not information.

I believe in progress not perfection because chasing perfection is a poor use of your precious time.

I believe I am abnormal and unique for your benefit.

I believe it’s OK to have many talents.

I believe life is better when you release and make peace with what is bothering you.

I believe in having fun when we work together.

I believe decisions without action-taking is a waste of time.

I believe in generosity.

I believe it’s OK to cry if you feel like it.

I believe I don’t have all the answers, right now.

I believe in delivering step-by-step strategies that works.

I believe that when I bake a cake something great will arise for others.

I believe mesurable ajustments are fun.

I believe my life experiences helps you.

I believe in practical tools.

I believe bad memories can by flipped to a positive.

I believe it’s safe to feel our emotions because it’s their purpose.

I believe that when you feel good, you do good, and good is looking out for you.

I believe perceptions can be adjusted.

                                                                         I believe we can create a life by design.                                                                        


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