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Here is a sample of my practical e-book : 101 ways to be more satisfied now

13. Select one of your senses and list all the benefits of experimenting it daily. 
 14. Over the next week, what could I leave out , stop doing or delegate from my“ to do” list to lighten my load? 
                                                               15. How can I help someone today?                                                                               Take immediately action.

16. On a scale of 3, rate your level of satisfaction of the last seven days. 
One means somewhat satisfied
Two means satisfied
Three means very satisfied. 

                                          How could you improve your score if it's 1 or 2.                                             How can you keep it up if you scored a 3?

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This “go to” e-book of 25 pages regroups my best nuggets of wisdom to experience a more satisfying and meaningful life. By using these promps, you will upgrade your satisfaction meter. 

 Try it now: Go back to the top of this page, point to a promp and take action. 

Feel and verify the difference it makes within you.

Emotions360 Launch price: 7.97$

Available in PDF format only. 

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