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Advanced Practitioner in Faster EFT/Tapping


Linda was easy and fun to work with while she helped me unlock

deep hidden closets of my mind and neutralize those dark belief

patterns from the past that formed my present day situation.   

Her high level of experience guided me into unknown and

uncomfortable territories and we ended up each session feeling

lighter and full of courage and optimism. The tools I learned from

our sessions are life altering. Thank you!

Anke S., British Columbia, Canada



A few days ago I had a session with Linda Sauve on an issue I

felt I needed help with. Linda guided me through in such an easy

and gentle way that made me feel safe and confident to release

this anxiety that had been holding me back for so long. It was

amazing what this session revealed,with her help we were able

to clear these issues also.

Thanks to  Linda I am feeling less anxious about speaking up for

myself in all areas of my life.

Annette P., Sherpparton, Australia 

Linda guided me with encouragement and efficiency throughout

our session to get to the root structure of a big problem that has

plagued me all my life. I wasn't sure how on earth she would find

her way through what felt to me was a maze of bad memories, but

she did! She is very thorough and experienced, and that is what is

needed to bypass resistance and get to the heart of and restructure

a bad memory. Thank you, Linda!

Gloudina L., Barcelona, Spain 


I just needed to write and tell you how much our session has improved

my life. In the last 4.5 days since we met, I have not felt the need to stuff

myself with food, drink wine, take two hours nap or go to bed early.  I have

not had a headache or crying episodes.  I am happy and eager to get out

of bed, I have boundless energy and I have accomplished much work over

the last three days. The most miraculous part may be that I was able to share

part of our session with my best friend and recounting it did not bring back

the deep sadness and anger I had been feeling over the last six months since

mom passed away. I psychologically feel 100 pounds lighter.

Danielle H., Ontario, Canada



Linda is highly professional and I felt taken care of from the very beginning

to the very end of our session.  Our time was very well organized where every

minute and every activity went towards the goal of healing and transformation. 

She prepared me ahead of time by sending me questions to answer.  Then the

intake during the session was comprehensive and compassionate, leaving no

stone unturned until she understood the structure of my problem.  By the end

of the session, I felt complete and transformed, and Linda also provided me

with tools to use after the session.  Not that I needed them.  Because, by the

end of the session, the person who I had hated for years, I felt only love for. 

And I still do.

Jonathan W., Washington, USA

Linda is an absolute delight to work with! Her wonderful sense of humour

makes sessions effective AND fun. I highly recommend her services!!

Thank you Linda!!    

Chantal Q., Toronto, Canada                                                             











Invited speaker


I am completely impressed and wonderfully delighted to have had

Linda Sauvé as a featured presenter for the Inner Circle Mastermind

group for Living ALOT, Inc.


Her expertise and polished presentation style made the wealth of information

that she shared easy to follow and simple to apply to our own businesses and

practices.  Speaking to an international group, her English was flawless and

her humor and energy left us wanting to know more.


It is with much gratitude that I say "Thank You, Linda" for sharing your strengths,

your vast knowledge and your skills with us. Kindest regards.

Lura Owen, MAPM

I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Sauvé on two occasions since

she became a member of our Montreal speaker roster a few years ago.

Linda led two hour-and-a-half-long workshops for two of our large corporate

clients on getting, and staying, organized.  The written feedback we obtained

from the participants at these workshops was extremely positive, both in terms

of Linda’s content and speaking style;  I myself can confirm that her presentation

was extremely well-prepared, tailored to each client’s specific needs, chock-full

of practical and realistic advice and, perhaps most importantly, delivered in a

professional yet highly approachable manner. I would not hesitate to recommend

Linda as a speaker in any forum.

Anna Mittag

Montreal Director, Programming and Business Development


** The success stories and testimonials are all verifiable. However, they cannot be used to predict your results.

The results you'll get will mirror your commitment to change and your decision to keep them.

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