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Coaching Packages In Time Optimization

Coaching Packages in Modified Faster EFT- Eutaptics/Tapping



Coaching Packages in time optimization


The meetings are one hour or longer depending on your availability during day or evenings. The PLUS with my coaching service is that I’ve held a position of executive assistant for an event organizer for three years (2000-2003) after having held several positions in the secretarial field which allows me to recognize and suggest effective time management and time gaining tools.


Who is it for? For solopreneurs (practitioners, coaches, entrepreneurs, etc.) who want more out of their time at work.  Which of these tools do you need?

  • How to measure your business growth with a simple chart

  • Gain time with effective tools, checklists and reminders

  • Develop your online presence so people who are looking for you contact you ( I am not talking about your website or social media)

  • A simple template to write a book/e-book that will help you be viewed as an expert and increase your sales and reach

  • The 4 major objections why they won’t work with you and how to address them

  • Create better packages

  • Scripts to enroll new clients (so they enroll themselves)

  • Get unstuck/ get out of your own way

  • Are you working in reactive mode? Shifting to a proactive mode releases the overwhelm. 

  • “Ask me anything” session ( send your questions 48h in advance)  



(translated from French) Linda has a presence both soothing and energizing. She is a wise guide, which in addition to having all types of project management skills, is excellent reading people and situations. She accompanies me so I can make the right choices to successfully build the future instead of being overwhelmed by the incessant demands of everyday life. She asks the right questions and offers solutions in addition to help me create my own solutions. It made ​​me realize that organizing is a necessity not only for work but to live better, period.                                                    Marie-Eve Gagnon, Author, director and manager

Your Investment:


4h / 436$ CAD       paid before our meetings

6h / 678$ CAD       paid before our meetings

10h / 1105$ CAD     paid before our meetings 


  •  My secret tool to resolve any problem with the best solutions ( no its not Faster EFT. It’s a written exercise that simplifies the next steps to take.)                                                                      

*All meetings are done by Skype or Zoom, paid in advance by bank transfer. Taxes are to be added for the Canadian clientele. No taxes added for international clientele. An assessment questionnaire will be sent to you to fill out and send back 48 hours prior to our meeting to facilitate my preparation.  


Coaching Packages and sessions in Modified Faster EFT - Eutaptics/ Tapping


Benefits of working with me?                                                                              

You get measurable transformation with every appointment.  
You will learn how to feeling good instantly by using effective tools. 
You make peace with your bothers while getting a new mind-set.   
Your results matter to me. 
How do you know if you are ready for big changes?  
Your relationships are not satisfying. You have a sense that  “there as to be more to life than just  surviving”. You are tired of trying to figure things out on your own and you are ready to invest into getting expert help.  
You feel any of these: stuck, in shock, fearful, sad, stressed out, frustrated, guilty, judgmental, doubtful, feeling like you have no control, anger, rejected, betrayed, resentful or overweight; it’s time to end this situation.  



Your New Beginnings Package*  = 10 hours of consultation +



  • Free 60 minute Deep Dive Clarity consultation ( one per client),

  • Five two-hour sessions in person or by Zoom,

  • bonus: Two "wellness follow-up" by phone or by Zoom,

  • bonus: One 15 minutes “emergency “ session by phone or by Zoom,

  • bonus:An assessment session at the end, to review your progress and

  • what has yet to be addressed.

  • bonus: Additional practical tools ( case by case)

  • We suggest that all sessions to be completed within 2 month of purchase.

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Your Big Shift Package* = 20 hours of consultation +


  • One free 60 minute Deep Dive Clarity consultation (one per client),

  • Ten two-hour sessions in person or by Zoom,

  • bonus: Four wellness follow-up" by phone or by Zoom,

  • bonus: Two 15 minutes “emergency “ session by phone or by Zoom,

  • bonus: An assessment session at the end, to review your progress and

  • what has yet to be addressed.

  • bonus: Additional practical tools ( case by case)

  • We suggest that all sessions be completed within 3 month of purchase.

Special Practitioner-in-Training in Faster-EFT- Eutaptics Package


  • Three sessions by Zoom ( 5 hours in total)

  • bonus: Additional practical tools (case by case) 

  • bonus: One hour of teaching/coaching: it's a must when learning this modality. 

  • Investment: 750$ (CAD) plus taxes if you are a canadian resident / no taxes for international P-in-T.  


P.S. Can't find the price tag for some packages? That's because we're not talking about the money part yet. Let's decide if it's right for you first, OK? Because you know how it is - if it's right solution for you and you want to make some progress in your life and want my professional help, then the money shows up. That's my experience. And not because of magic or "the law of attraction" - the money shows up because of your commitment. Investment and commitment go hand-in-hand. Click HERE to reserve your free Deep Dive Clarity call and get started on living your dream life.

*All sessions are given on the Zoom platform. The local clientele can come to my office for a live session. If you want me to go to your office or home, some travelling expenses will be added to the rate.

If you have questions, please to go the Q & A page for more details.​

**  Disclaimer: FasterEFT/Tapping and/or coaching is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease, physical or mental. The use of FasterEFT/Tapping and coaching techniques are specifically for addressing here and now issues that may be causing stress.


FasterEFT/Tapping and coaching should not be construed as a prescription, a promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved. The information, instructions, strategies or advice given by Linda Sauvé are not intended to be a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care.


Depression, anxiety and phobias are exclusively reserved acts for psychotherapists and doctors and I respect this law. Also, if you are living with psychological suffering or distress please call your psychotherapist.  You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional.


As a client, you must take complete responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being.

Results may vary.