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Here is a sample of one of my Frame of Mind ©

Be the best at what I do. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. In the morning, ask: “What is my exciting thing of the day?” The investment is worth my time. Laugh out loud. Eat, sleep and be good to myself. Dark chocolate any one? A little more pleasure in my day will do wonders for my soul. Relax, today is a new day. New possibilities are on their way. My experience is priceless. “No” is a complete sentence. Smell the flowers every time you lay your eyes on them. Get enough sleep. Take a break. Talk to a friend. If I want to finish early, start now. Be selfish. Feel fear and do it anyway. Relaxing and recharging are essential for my mental health.

What are Frames of Mind?

They are an out of the box assistance when one does not know where to turn.

It is an assortment of thought-provoking, action-taking phrases that I, Linda Sauvé, started creating for fun years ago. Turns out, they still help me today in all aspects of my life. I’ve been creating and using these “frames of mind”© for over ten years now and they never cease to amaze me. Frame them and hang them in your office or workshop. I have one in my kitchen and another one that adorns my corridor wall. Use them often (this is where the magic happens) then see or feel your mental blocks, questions or insights take a new dimension.​​​

Try it right now! Got back up to the top of this page. Close your eyes and point your finger on a phrase. Meditate on its message or take action now. Inspiring, right? 

Each Frame of Mind © is 15$ 

The Collection (four different Frame of Mind) is 49$ 

(Taxes may apply depending on your place of residence). 

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