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About Linda 

Emotions360's Mission is to make the "I feel good" state

a natural, normal and lasting occurrence.


Change ONE habit and observe the domino effect ©

is my motto and defines what I excel in.

My story :


Without the fall, I would’ve never heard the call


It’s the end of year 2011. I am holding my lease renewal form

for my apartment. I have a sinking feeling inside that sounds like:

“No, I don’t want to live… here anymore yet I don’t know where

to go”. My neighbor’s dogs are barking so loud, I can’t relax or

even think straight working as a solopreneur from home.


                                                                                                         For some time now, I haven’t been the smiling, mover and shaker                                                                                                           that organizes other artists and professionals to be all they can                                                                                                               be. Well yes, I smile but it’s forced. The kind of false smile that                                                                                                               says “I’m lost, anxious and spiraling down”. I can’t ask for help. 


                                                                                                         What will people think of me? I’m stuck, in a fog without seeing                                                                                                               any blue sky in the horizon. I push myself to work, work, work                                                                                                                 because that’s what I’ve learned to do. Who am I to believe I can                                                                                                           change the world when feeling like this?




Christmas break arrives and I decide to go to my mom’s place ninety minutes away to a tiny village of 3500 souls. It’s calm. I take long walks alone to avoid my brothers who don’t care anyway about what I do or think. I have been invisible for them for years and just a girl.

Back home, I renew my lease for a new year. The dogs seem to bark all the time and I’m at my wit’s end.



My best friend is searching for a condo to buy and I start to browse

the net for him and feel the impulse to search for a place of my own.

I write a short list of my non-negotiables and type it up in the real

estate search engine. A bank approves me for a small mortgage.

The last place I thought the search engine would lead me is ... you

guessed it, in my mom’s tiny village. The last property I visit is a condo

on a lake front property with an asking price that was budget-friendly.

Crossing my fingers, I make an offer which is accepted.

Finally, peace and quiet can be my reality.

                                                                                                          The day I move in, the bullying started from a neighbor. Having a                                                                                                             passive-aggressive personality, I was its new toy for some                                                                                                                       inexplicable reason. This person seemed to push all my buttons                                                                                                             and overwhelmed and stressed me to the limit, I spiraled down                                                                                                               into a deep depression in just a few months. I had left the                                                                                                                       barking  dogs for a “barking” neighbor. Same problem, new                                                                                                                   shoes. I had to do something different this time to change this                                                                                                                 pattern around.



I used my last strengths to ask for professional help, I was diagnosed with severe depression and was prescribed anti-depressant and psychotherapy. I started to feel calmer building my hope to put all this experience to good use, one day.

I found EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and then Faster EFT-Eutaptics

in the winter of 2015 and started yet another course. I’ve always had

“the good student” model in me. But this time, it was completely different.

I was taking this transformational step for me not to help other people.

In addition to this new understanding, the non-negotiable requirements were to

work on myself first and release all the bothers, the useless mental

programming, patterns, meanings and transform the memories and

experiences that had brought me to this point. This first level of training

was a turning point for me.





                                                                                                               Fast forward five years later, having graduated as an                                                                                                                               advanced certified practitioner in that modality and                                                                                                                                 continuing my education in acupressure, I feel I’ve reinvented                                                                                                                 myself.                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                               Changing all the “I’m just a girl, I’m not enough or don’t do                                                                                                                     enough, what will they think of me", the relationship with my                                                                                                                     neighbour, old beliefs and so much more.                                                                                                                                                 Asking for the right help and getting permanent positive                                                                                                                         results are possible. I am living proof.



                                                                                                                (I love this picture of me. It's what is also possible for you.)  




When my clients sit in front of me, they take responsibility for their emotions and I have the privilege to guide them out of the stressors that runs their life with techniques and custom-made tools that no one else can replicate. All this work to get to feel lighter and re-acquainted themselves with their forgotten true self, just like I had forgotten mine a few years back.

​My credentials 

Emotions 360 Founder

Certified teacher of the province of Ontario # 648949

Trainer in time optimization

Advanced Certified practitioner in Faster EFT-Eutaptics (Level 4) # FEFT-AE-1231

Trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by NLPlife with Richard Bandler

Member of RITMA (Regroupement des intervenants et thérapeutes en médecine alternatives) #6112

Member of Affordable Therapy Network since 2020

Bachelor's degree in Art (specialty in theater)

Certificate in Acting from The National Theater School

Certificate of play directing from Le Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Montréal 

Train the Trainer certified with Peak Performance  

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