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                         Reconnect with YOU.

           I teach sensitive adults to release what drains them                                 so they reconnect with ease and finally move forward.

                             "It's not that you are unhappy,

              but you're not happy in all the areas of your life

                             and that rubs off on all the rest."










                                                                Discover my 3 steps 

                   Step 1                                             Step 2                                                  Step 3 

            Let's connect               Private meetings & Accountability              Celebrate your transformation                                                                                                                                            & maintain your results














Hi, I’m Linda Sauvé and I’m so glad you’re here!

I teach sensitive adults to release what drains them

so they reconnect with ease and finally move forward.


Possible results:

1.    Ease, calm and peace of mind

2.    Being enough, worthy, important and lovable

3.    Procrastinate the right way

4.    Happy hormones levels are up

       (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphin)

5.    Manage your calm not your stress

6.    A vibrant body free of pain with EFT Stress Relief techniques

7.    Bonus: Being your own best friend, knowing your sensitivity

       is an asset and choosing better habits.

If those are the results you are looking for then you and I should 

have a conversation...

I used to

  • Feel exhausted and pushing at the same time,

  • Be brought down by the “not good enough” curse,

  • Believe the opinions of others about me were true,

  • Anticipated negative outcomes,

  • Being in so much pain I couldn't sleep peacefully

  • On a quest to be perfect so I wouldn’t be criticized,

  • Maintain estranged relationship with some of my family members.

  • And so many more problems, issues, pains and symptoms that                                                                I’ve overcome.



Now, I’m inspired to share what I’ve learned and mastered because you deserve to be fired up & focused and live on your own terms too.


It all starts with the free Emotions360 “I want what she’s having” clarity call because avoiding the elephant in the room is exhausting.

You can get whatever you want and it doesn’t take long to have the results you crave.

Here's what I do.

My zone of genius is to connect the dots, reveal how you linked things that no longer serve you and then, help you to let them go, reframe your beliefs and meaning about the issues. It’s simple for me and it may be a puzzling thing for you. That’s why you need a helping hand to navigate those murky waters.

Do not wait for things to change on their own. You have no time to waste. The wait is over when you take your courage by the hand and exchange with a professional like me. Starting to make a plan for repairing the leaks is like a double expresso but without the crash.

P.S. Thinking that time will heal everything is not the best use of your time either. Actually, it could be a way to self-sabotage your growth by procrastinating, over-thinking, over-eating, believing old stories, feeling stuck, comparing yourself, worrying… shall I go on?

At any given moment you have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.. So, go towards what you want by taking a simple aligned action today by scheduling your f-r-e-e call when you click on the "Let's connect" link below. 

Before working with Linda, I felt not enough, not doing or earning enough. I had to suffer to be worthy. I wasn’t drowning, but I wasn’t living my dream life. Comparing myself was my thing. I hoped to undo another layer during the Money Map session and it was quite an eye opening.

The depth Linda uncovered during that initial call, I could've never discovered on my own. It’s now clear that my early childhood relationships and experiences colored all my money beliefs. I was taught that money was bad, no wonder I repel it now. What has brought me here doesn’t need to be brought into my future. Now, I have more power and control than I realized. Working with Linda Sauvé is worth every penny. She’s a clarity wizard. 

Cheryl R., Canada 













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Quick Start Program

Four hours of sessions with Linda where you'll increase your courage to get fired up about your life, release at least one drainer..

Fille aux bras tendus

Big Shift Program

10 hours of sessions with Linda. where aha moments are normal, understanding why you are having the experiences you have, knowledge to know what to do about it and have personalized tools that can't be replicated so you are filled up with joy.. 

Fille heureuse sautant

Happy Forever Program

30 hours of sessions with Linda where you will come face to face with who you want to be. Resolve lingering drainers or beliefs, perceptions and traumatic secrets you keep, create new rituals & rules, move forward with confidence & courage knowing the past, present & future are presents you cherish.




Practitioner-in-training special package

Five hours of sessions with Linda that qualify you towards the required hours with an upper level practitioner.

Linda's Experience-Base Blog 

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