Renew your relationships

   starting with the one you have with yourself.  

     "Being stuck isn’t the problem; it’s a symptom of your cluttered mind."











Her high level of experience guided me into unknown and uncomfortable territories and we ended up each session feeling lighter and full of courage and optimism. The tools I learned from our sessions are life altering. Thank you

Anke S., British Colombia, Canada

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Linda guided me through in such an easy and gentle way that made me feel safe and confident to release

this anxiety that had been holding me back for so long. It was amazing what this session revealed,with her help we were able to clear these issues also.Thanks to Linda I am feeling less anxious about speaking up for myself in all areas of my life.                                          Annette P., Australia 


Do you lack the courage to thrive?

Many adults in their prime secretly struggle with self-doubt, self-critics or anxiety which are all related in the end to relationships.

In this new normal - now more than ever – you end up wasting precious time:

  • Waiting for a sign outside of you to give you permission,

  • Feeling disconnected with your true self or your entourage,

  • Playing small maybe because you’re a highly sensitive person,

  • Having this feeling of inferiority or thinking “it’s never enough”,

  • Not going thru the finish line with your goals,

  • Pushing to get an outcome when there are better ways to get “it”,

  • Not making the income to match your unique talents …



Let’s change those Frames of mind©! 

Have you ever wished you could:be assertive with that sparkle in your eyes, be at ease and in the flow, feel younger again with more energy because you are pain-free, yesterday, today & tomorrow are seen as presents you cherish,feel expensive because you come first in your life by expressing your creativity, reframe your sensitivity as a valuable asset, not a flaw to hide, have such a “Happy connection” with yourself, your thoughts and entourage, have peace of mind and at least one extra hour a day or have that confident smile that makes you so desirable. These are all possible and lasting when you work with me. 


I totally understand.

Hi, I’m Linda Sauvé and I’m so glad you’re here!

I teach adults in their prime

who tolerate a disconnection in their relationships

to summon their courage to transforming

their anger, fears or sadness into a

happy connected bond, to be fired up & focused

to pursue their goals so they contribute

instead of saying that everything is fine.


I used to

  • Feel exhausted and pushing at the same time,

  • Be brought down by the “not good enough” curse,

  • Believe the opinions of others about me were true,

  • Anticipated negative outcomes,

  • On a quest to be perfect so I wouldn’t be criticized,

  • Maintain estranged relationship with some of my family members.

  • And so many more problems, issues, pains and symptoms that                                                                I’ve overcome.



Now, I’m inspired to share what I’ve learned and mastered because you deserve to be fired up & focused and live on your own terms too.















Quick Start Program

Four hours of sessions with Linda where you'll increase your courage to get fired up about your life, release the stress and transform at least one relationship.

Big Shift Program

10 hours of sessions with Linda. where aha moments are normal, understanding why you are having the experiences you have, knowledge to know what to do about it and have personalized tools that can't be replicated so you are filled up with joy.. 

Happy Forever Program

30 hours of sessions with Linda where you will come face to face with who you want to be. Resolve lingering beliefs, perceptions and traumatic secrets you keep, create new rituals & rules, move forward with confidence & courage knowing the past, present & future are presents you cherish.




Practitioner-in-training special package

Five hours of sessions with Linda that qualify you towards the required hours with an upper level practitioner.

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