Renew your relationships

   starting with the one you have with yourself.  

              Being stuck isn’t the problem; it’s a symptom.

Her high level of experience guided me into unknown and uncomfortable territories and we ended up each session feeling lighter and full of courage and optimism. The tools I learned from our sessions are life altering. Thank you!

Anke S., British Colombia, Canada

You are capable of doing anything –

but on the inside you feel “what if I lose control and fail?”

                                                            Have you achieved a great deal of success –                                                              but deep down you struggle with self-doubt                                                                because you have so many proofs that it’s not                                                              enough?

You’re a doer, you have plenty on your plate –

but do you feel that you’re not going to make a

difference if you keep believing other people’s opinions of you?

                                                            And despite all your willingness – do you                                                                      sometimes struggle to see how valuable                                                                      (deserving, lovable, enough and fitting in) you                                                              really are?

I get it. Me too... And if this sounds like you, then you and I should have a conversation …

Quick Start Package

Four hours of sessions with Linda where you'll increase your courage to get fired up about your life, release the stress and transform at least one relationship.

Big Shift Package

10 hours of sessions with Linda. where aha moments are normal, understanding why you are having the experiences you have, knowledge to know what to do about it and have personalized tools that can't be replicated so you are filled up with joy.. 

Practitioner-in-training special package

Five hours of sessions with Linda that qualify you towards the required hours with an upper level practitioner. 

Linda guided me through in such an easy and gentle way that made me feel safe and confident to release

this anxiety that had been holding me back for so long. It was amazing what this session revealed,with her help we were able to clear these issues also.Thanks to Linda I am feeling less anxious about speaking up for myself in all areas of my life.                                Annette P., Australia 

About Linda 

From Little Red Riding Hood to Lady Macbeth, Linda Sauvé is an expert in emotions as a trained actor/drama teacher and a highly experienced practitioner in emotionally focused transformations. She guides you out of the woods & feeling stuck into a feel-good life.

Linda Sauvé is the tapping and emotional stress relief expert you seek if you’re a professional who is burdened by stressful relationships who wants to summon  your courage to transform your anger, fears or sadness into a happy connected bond, to be fired up & focused to pursue your goals. She’s the creator of the life-changing programs The Big Shift and The GPS for creative souls © .

You will appreciate her enthusiasm, practicality, funny bone and how she injects you with confidence. Just like this client that said: “I’m so glad I found you. You leave no stone unturned to help me resolve and let go all of my bothers and inspire me to new heights”.

Linda has published hundreds of articles and four self-help books. The last one will give you an endorphin high; chocolate. It’s a real page-turner!

Linda is an absolute delight to work with! Her wonderful sense of humour makes sessions effective AND fun. I highly recommend her services!! Thank you Linda!!    

Chantal Q., Toronto, Canada 

There's a whole new world  waiting for you out there! 

5 aha moments you need before you reconnect your relationships 

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