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How the moon phases affects your bottom line (part 1)

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I use to be visible and out there when I should of rest. When the time came to shine, I was overwhelmed, out of balance and exhausted. It took me years to figure out what I was doing wrong. It’s now been over two years since I follow the moon cycles to plan, work, finish a project and take stock and rest in the right order.

The new moon phase is this week. Here are my thoughts on it.

I invite you to read this short note out loud the very first time your read it. Surely, your unconscious mind or your ego won’t not like it one bit. Nonetheless, continue reading.

The more I rest especially during the new moon (more on this in the P.S. at the bottom), the more care I can give to my loved ones, my clients and to the things that matter to me most.

The more I allow myself to rest, the more I uplevel my relationships because I’m all present, energized and full-filled.

The more I give myself permission to rest, the more effortless my performance becomes.

The more I listen to the call of rest and accept it without a “yes, but”, the more attune I am to my impulses afterwards.

The more I sense the signs to rest (yawning, sighing, etc.) and accept this next “task” of resting, the more moving forward actions I take onwards.

The more I rest in my favorite chair without any goals to reach besides just being here, the less anxious I am about what is next on my to-do list.

The more I rest in the peace and in the silence, the less I tolerate things and behaviors upon returning to the here and now. I make the life-gaining choices to surround myself with nothing less than what I love and appreciate.

The more I rest my case on what is suppose to happen and follow the flow, the less fear-based thoughts take over my mind.

The false belief

You may have learned the belief that to rest is a waste of time. Reframe that into “If I don’t rest or sleep enough, I’ll be dead sooner.” That reframing thought should shake up that old false belief out the door. If your brain resist, try this one, “If I don’t rest, my body will create a crisis and will force me to rest.”

Did you know that even the highest achievers only spend 4 to 5 hours a day on high leverage activities?

The goal is to rest more during the new moon phase so you can be productive and shine in the other three phases.

P.S. If you and your company would like to benefit and add Kaching$$ to your bottom line, I just happen to have a workshop prepared for that. Send me an email at so we can get you and your employees on the right track.

** Tell me one thing you got from this article or an action that you will take after reading this article. Remember, you only have to modify ONE thing so that the domino effect gets rolling.


About the author: Linda Sauvé, founder of Emotions360, wellness and success teacher (certified practitioner in NLP and advanced certified practitioner in Faster EFT-Eutaptics, certified teacher of Ontario and member of RITMA), uses powerful techniques and approaches to impact positively the lives of her clients. She is a professional actor, speaker (French and English), author of four books and hundreds of articles. She is delighted to offer you a F-R-E-E 30minute Deep Dive Clarity call to get the life you want. Run to to reserve your free call now.

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