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A practical tool to feel much better right now

Updated: Nov 5, 2020


When I saw this picture of lemons, I thought: "Ya, that's exactly what we have on our hands right now, Lemons. So, let's make lemonade shall we."

I'm writing to you today, a little bit in advance, because I got the insight in my meditation to send you a tool to feel good for no reason. 

Yes, we are living in extraordinary times. And it takes extraordinary tools for us to stay present, positive and alert to take the best route to navigate the next few months and on. No, this is not about tapping. 

All sorts of emotions are emerging. You know the ones, right? 

I've also been through them. Now, I’ve created - through conscious choice and deliberate action - a much better state of being with what IS. 

I’ve learned so much about myself, fear, humanity and resiliency in the process.  I want to help YOU move through this with a lot more grace, hope, resiliency and well-being. That is why I'm sending you an early April blog. Why wait for the 15th of the month to come.

It's a tool you can use when unwanted emotions flare up, when you want to feel good for no reason (which in turn helps to make better decisions). 

This tool will help you navigate those emotions with more calm, presence and appreciation for what you have. 

So without further notice, I invite you use my tool.

Wellness launching pad exercise
Download PDF • 270KB


You can choose anything that you like to do this exercise. 

For my first try, back in 2010, I chose a papaya.  I found 25 positive aspects of the papaya. 

When I started the exercise, I was feeling very low. Actually, I wrote that I was feeling 0/10 for joy and appreciation. 

By the end of my writing I felt 7.5/10. Wow. This really works! 

Then, at the end of the day, I proceeded to write all the good things that happened after that exercise. Just like you will do in the downloadable document. I dared to ask for a refund at a bank for a service, and got it with a pleasant exchange with the teller. I was feeling so good that I sold 2 of my books in the subway that gave me ideas to sell my book to a new type of clientele . And I send 35 promo kits to prospective buyers. 

Yes, no kidding. Just by doing this simple process. 

Who knows what will come out of your experience with this tool. 

I would love to hear it or read it in your comments. 

Be well, Know that you are safe and loved. 

Best of the best to you always. 

P.S. Emotions360 is accepting new clients. To schedule a free orientation call, please call 1-514-561-6742 or click this link to book online : We consider referrals to be the highest compliment. If you know someone who would benefit from our services, I'd appreciate the opportunity to speak with them. Please pass on our email

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