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My 365 days of Wow in 2021

Forget about annual resolutions. There is a refined way to find what will guide you all year round with my My Flagship Word of the Year online course.

It's mid-December 2020 and it's time for me, like every year, to take my own workshop "My flagship word of the year".

For a few years now, I have started using my diary for the following year in mid-December. I manage the start of the new year with a lot more calm this way.

After following the steps of my workshop, it was clear that this pass year, my word would be "WOW" no less.

Because I'm a visual person, Igot myself a large calendar so that I could write the day's wow for the upcoming year.

I thought to myself: "that means that I will really have the proofs that I had at least 365 wow in my year"! Let's get busy!

The year started with a mega wow with the virtual meeting of a European friend with whom I had not had contact for almost 30 years. The magic was still there as was the connection and the thrill of seeing each other again.

Every morning in 2021, I asked myself with a smile, "I'm curious to find out what my wow for the day will be."

Obviously, life has been generous. I expected to have this wow. I was on the lookout for opportunities, feelings and emotions of joy, happiness, pride every day.

I just reviewed my wow calendar. And, going through the days of the year, I was able to relate 116 super wows.

Highlights like:

-Writing an online course (soon to be online in English and in French) Restore your happy hormones, then the test group who experimented with it with wow results, nothing less.

-The delivery of my new vehicle in May and the conversion of it to an RV with the help of my brother Ron.

- Being invited to the world premiere of the film "The United States vs Billie Holliday" because I had a speaking role in it.

- Improved my hearing.

- Rest, take naps without guilt.

- Receive fabulous results from my financial investments just by making better decisions.

- Find wonderful places to swim last summer such as the beach at Wesley Point.

- Human contacts, hugs from friends found after being isolated for too long because of the pandemic.

- The discovery of the Kailo pain relief patch which gave me back my nights of restful sleep.

- And all these recipes and dishes that become my essentials.

I invite you to find your own flagship word of the year 2022 with my workshop by clicking on this link:

In closing, I wish you a Happy, Rich, and healthy 2022.

Remember, you are the source of your happiness. It's still well wrapped up. You choose who you want to be; what you will spend your time on and what will result of this new year.

P.S. My word of 2022 is to conquer.

Linda Sauvé

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