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What is holding you back from the life you want?

What if things could be completely different? What if there was a shift in your life that would move you forward so you get out of your own way and soar.

Take risks and conquer your fears. Bird taking a chance to fly.

People’s biggest barriers to shifts are often their own mindset and moreover their own beliefs. Well, transforming is difficult, it requires a lot of effort and time, right? Wrong. The difficulty lies in the fact that we like or tolerate our problems, they sometimes define us.

“Who will I be without my problems, issues or traumas?”

Answer: I will still be me but just be the happier version of me. (Read the answer again.)

The part of the effort in changing is simple. Just make the decision. Easier said than done? The sheer decision process will reduce your resistance to change. You will no longer feel stuck just by taking ONE step to feel better than the present moment. You don’t need to think positively every moment of the day to have what you want. You just need to be in a state of possibilities, of openness, of doing your best (not aiming for perfection but progress), of growth, of “ let’s try this and see, hear or feel what is on the other side” sort of speak. Yes, you don’t know what will be on the other side but until you take that first step nothing will move you forward. Have faith that life will support you along the way. It always does. It’s always been there for you.

The time factor is a non-issue. Let me remind the worried part of you that the average North American today will live to be 80, up from 47 in 1900s. The most successful self-re-inventors and self-healers are those who understand that they have time and are willing to use it to invest in their own stills and education. Shifts happens quickly and can be permanent because as long as you think differently, you will feel differently.

The other important factor that holds people back is when they think of their problems as their permanent state of being. I’ll hear:” it is what it is”. Not so again. The memories you hold inside you are your perceptions of these events you lived throughout your life. You can ask three people ( for example family members) that participated at a particular event what is their memory of it and each one of them will have a different take on it. For some, that event will be traumatizing, of others, uneventful and some won’t even recollect it. What I want to do now, is I want you to read the following sentence out loud.

I can’t change my past but I can modify the way I remember it.

Do you wish for a shift right here right now? Yes. Are you sure? Ok. Go back to a happy memory. One that feels good inside, that makes you smile. Notice how you know it feels good. Be there has it happened. See what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt. Amp it up a notch. Feel more of all the good feelings, hear all the subtleties and see all the beautifulness of that moment again. Take a deep breath in, grab your wrist and say PEACE. Now go and do ONE thing that would bring you closer to what you want. Keep that good feeling alive within you while you are doing that thing you want. Just like my website motto (Change ONE thing and observe the domino effect) you will start to transform.

When you’ll have enough of being stuck, of being fearful, replaying bad events in your mind, issues and the likes that are holding you back, give me a call. I can help you get a better life by releasing what is holding you back with FasterEFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) a modality and other personalized tools I use in my coaching. It transformed my life and thousands more. Why not be next. The nice part of this call, it’s a free consultation so we can answer all of your questions and find out if we are a good match to go forward.

Does this made sense to you? I would love to read your thoughts on this subject.

To your health and success!

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE, BLOG OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

Linda Sauvé, founder of Emotions360, time gaining and wellness coach in the holistic modality FasterEFT, uses powerful techniques and approaches to impact positively the lives of her clients. She is a professional actor, speaker (French and English), certified teacher (EAO), author of four books and hundreds of articles and stress expert. Linda is the author of the e-book “101 ways to be satisfied now”. She is delighted to offer you a FREE consultation to verify if you are a good match to work at getting the life you want. Run to for all the details.

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