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End of year clarity assessment

“The marvelous thing about a good question is that it shapes our identity as much by the asking as it does by the answering.” – David Whyte

Here’s your self-work for December.

Instead of getting frazzled about the incessant noise of the holidays, I invite you to take some time to go deep and review what colored your year. December is the perfect time of the year for this assessment. And best of all, the gift you will get from this exercise is the gift of clarity so you’ll know your intentions for the coming year.

Here are a few key questions to get you started. Use them in whatever order that works best for you. Journaling is my favorite starting place. But they’re also great conversations, observation, contemplation and discovery for a partner or true friend.

What was your most significant contribution in 2018? There are many areas you can contribute. Your life isn’t based solely on work or money contributions. Did you contribute to simplify yours or someone else’s quality of life? Did you give time to a social group or association? What aspect of your life was enhanced in 2018?

What would you like to repeat in 2019? Which decisions, strategies, follow-through, activities, adventures, projects or events would you like to duplicate? What would you like to create or share even more of? Where, with whom and on what do you want to ensure you put your attention and time on for best results?

Your answers will become your non-negotiables of the new year. They’ll make up the foundation of your “to be, to do and to have” list.

What is one thing you could implement in your life in 2019 that would support you most? Learning new strategies and tools in one thing but the most important aspect of learning is implementing it as fast a you can to make it a second nature to our everyday activities whether it be in your personal or working life.

2018 is coming to a close, what are you grateful about this year? If you are not grateful for what you already have, how can you manifest what you want? The secret to getting your dreams to come true faster is to be grateful.

What sector of your life could be upgraded?

Sometimes, we prefer to stay in the known because the unknown scares or worries us. You may believe: “but, who will I be if I change”? You will still be you but in a new congruent way. Upgrading your mind-set, beliefs, perceptions or anything else is the key to experiment life on your own terms. Because, right now, what you don’t want to your normal. What new normal would you like to experience in the new year?

Every time you do something new, you open the doors of the unknown and in the same way, you open up your comfort zones. What if, asking for help could be the turning point of your present situation? I am here to assist you in doing just that. Reserve your f-r-e-e 30-minute Deep dive clarity consult here.

P.-S. I really encourage you to do this assessment this week before the end of year festivities. Why? It will relax you in a unique way that will help slide into the new year with ease.

The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of clarity. You will feel so good and be ready to celebrate like no other year.

Set aside at least 30 minutes to really immerse yourself in this experience. You might just uncover the key to making 2019 a memorable year.

One more thing. Here is my wish for you: peace in your heart and mind. Simple yet Oh Oh Oh so powerful.

With gratitude,


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