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Courage to transform

“What are you going to do today that takes courage?

Remember: we only learn when we get out of our comfort zone.” Dr. Henry Cloud

Give yourself permission to explore a new way of being or feeling in 2019 and beyond.

It’s a choice. ** You get to choose to what you are going to put your attention on and by doing so you give weight to that thing you want.

Before moving forward, you must take some time to align yourself with what you want. Let’s do this now.

Here are five questions and sub-questions to ask yourself when making the decision to get out of your “normal”.

- What do I have to gain by making this shift? (Who will I be? What are the benefits?)

- What do I have to lose by sticking to what I know?

- Who can help, guide or coach me so I give it my 100%? (Do your due diligence to find the best match).

- How do I want to feel when I’ll have what I want? (List at least five emotions, then visualize feeling and having what you want. If you can imagine it, you can realize it. It’s a question of commitment.)

- When do I want to feel this way?

a) I’m scared, yet that’s what I need, now.

b) Whenever, it’s not that urgent. I’m comfortable in my “normal” situation.

If you answered A, then you are on the right path to get it sooner than later. Being scared is normal when we do or think in new ways. Fear and uncertainty will always show up when we try anything new.

If you answered B, then you want to keep what you have. Don’t complain. No one is here to save you. You get to decide who you want to be: a victim of circumstances or a responsible adult reaching out to be the best version of yourself so you live a life by design. You get to choose what kind of relationship you have with yourself and your brain (which you control completely). Life is not meant to be about settling for the status quo. It’s a puzzle for each of us to become better than we are now.

I’ll quote Dr. Cloud again since it is exactly the quote you need. “We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.”

Courage is the capacity to see the long term, not just the present moment. Being too influenced by the experience of the present will limit the moves one can make.

Courage is also a call to action. An inward call propelling us to go beyond the known.

Courage is the willingness to go through the painful moments required to get what one desires which is a key part of becoming successful at any endeavor.

Lastly, courage develops the strength to make decisions regardless of other people’s reactions.

Now that you have decided to take responsibility for your life (I sincerely hope you have.) make that call or that request for that free consult with me or other specialists that have the tools, the understanding to correct the problem, pattern, pain, issue or other situations I want to let go so you reach your goal.

The sense of power and control you will gain will be special simply because you took one step to get closer to the new you.

P.-S. Do it now, before your brain starts to find excuses not to do it. Your brain’s job is to keep you safe and keep you in the known.

Don’t make the mistake of putting off this call or request. Procrastination is the enemy of done. Don’t wait until you have time. Just make the time. Evaluate your degree of urgency to change.

I encourage you to change sooner than later. The other side is much more enjoyable and brighter than you think. The testimonials of my clients and my story are proofs.

** We must remember the responsibility notion that says that each one creates their life and we are all responsible of the consequences and benefits of our choices, whatever they may be. Knowing that, it becomes much easier to take action.

Linda Sauvé

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