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The effort is worth the comfort

The power of daily action is equivalent to a small amount of effort that leads to established habits.

When we produce any effort, we gain momentum and visibility with our talents. The more focused and thoughtful we are, the more we want to make an effort to get to another level and the more we find ways to achieve our end goals.

How do we do that?

The effort is either easy and pleasant or heavy and painful. It's a choice. Yes, yes, a choice that we make in the secret of our brain and often unconsciously. I have a surefire way to get you out of the dead end of heaviness. Drum roll! Change the category in which you put the task to be accomplished (from heavy and painful to easy and enjoyable). As soon as you do this mental adjustment, your brain will find evidences and proofs that it will be easy and enjoyable.

Therefore, get to work before your reptilian brain derails you from your good intentions.

In addition, the intention behind each action must be in your best interest in order to move towards what you want to create. The mental state in which one is positioned always determines the comfort that one will reach at the end of the line. In other words, the effort is worth the comfort.

When providing an effort becomes a daily challenge, it is wise to catch yourself and your thought pattern or change the definition of the word effort. If it meant: applying my natural strength (mental or physical) to something that can be enjoyable. Then, think about the following incentive: I am curious about what is behind the task at hand.

The effort that is perceived as paralyzing is sometimes linked to the possibility of not succeeding what one will undertake because one believes that one is not enough ... or too much ... (you can insert the end of the expression “I am not enough because... “or “I am too much because....).

Moreover, this task that you haul like a 500 pounds concrete ball chained to your ankle with so much fatigue … would it be due to procrastination? When we conquer the habit of procrastination, we gain control over our lives, which gives us a wonderful self-confidence. Because trust only comes into being after having committed to the project. Then the courage of our ambitions is exercised with all our skills in specific actions to get to a feeling of confidence. The latter does not appear by magic. A series of actions brings confidence. And the more confident we are, the more we want to bite into bigger projects. And the cycle starts again: commitment, courage, competence, trust.

Could the effort be perceived as heavy because you compare yourself to those who have already done the same job/task or project?

To not make any effort to get what you want is equal to sitting in a rocking chair. You have great ideas but you're not getting anywhere. It is then that one exposes oneself to regrets, guilt, frustration and cruel judgment.

Is performance without effort possible?

Of course!

"Linda, you have secrets that I want. Explain them to me. "

For me, effortless performance is the method I use for almost all my projects and tasks. It's putting the law of attraction in my back pocket and acting in the "flow". Effortless performance is feeling now as one feels once the project or task is completed. This effortless performance emanates from the state of being centered on the present moment while visualizing and feeling what one will feel once the thing is done. It is to create the mental bridge between now and later. In fact, it's being already on the other side of that bridge now. We are inclined to act without any effort knowing that we have already reached our destination.

Centering takes only a moment to a minute. Centering helps to ease past regrets and anxiety about the future.

Have you noticed that doing the right thing at the right time with clear intention requires no effort? What a feeling!

Hoping this article has been of help to you. I invite you to test my suggestions. I am willing to help you in your process of releasing what is in the way of you living your dream life. Do not postpone the completion of your next challenge in the name of “it’s so much effort”. Just contact me to set-up your appointment.

See you soon.


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