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The 5 ways you can transform yourself

  1. Write a peace list of what you don’t want

You know what you don’t want since it is your reality. This fact may seem harsh to grasp but it’s true. What you don’t want is very familiar to you with specific proofs, images, feelings and sounds. But here’s a big aha moment for you: making peace with what you don’t want will open the door to getting what you do want. (You may need to read that statement again.) Many people think that by obsessing over a problem, they can find the solution for it. But all that does is ingrain that problem further onto your subconscious, causing you to feel more stressed and concerned.

Peace list to emotional health with emotions360

When I ask my clients: what kind of results they want from working with me, they are usually vague about naming what they truly want because they are so caught up into their problems that it is difficult to even imagine or visualize their desired outcome.

Unfortunately, pain/fear (in any form) is the most driving force in the universe. So, when you write the list of whatever it is that you don’t want and how you know you have them: recurring unpleasant experiences that create hurt, anger, fear, frustration, etc., you create the first step for your transformation. It’s easier to comprehend your problems when they are written out, otherwise most people feel overwhelmed about where to start.

Then, use the tapping process alone or with an advanced practitioner, like me, to release and transform your problems, issues, pain or symptoms into positive results.

2. Stop reexperiencing your problems over and over again

Your perception of reality is holding you back from infinite possibilities. The past is no longer happening unless you bring it to your consciousness and into your present. If so, you could be stuck in a reality that looks like this...Always preparing for the worst-case scenario as your body is taken over by the hormones of stress. Trying to control or force outcomes in your life resulting in the creation of repeated negative experiences. Obsessing about your problems and giving all of your attention to what is wrong in your life. Being confused and helpless because your brain is sending incoherent messages to your body. Feeling anxious and unworthy to create a better circumstance for yourself.

The mind is the brain in action. If you want to create a new personal reality, you have to start thinking and feeling differently about what you are thinking and feeling. Being stuck is focusing on the problems and then verbalizing them which creates a continues stream of energy flowing towards what’s not working aka what you don’t want. You have to start to take yourself by the hand and notice those unconscious patterns, behaviors, habits that lead you to the same experiences and results.

Then you’ll find it easier and easier to notice when your thoughts are running on autopilot and correct its course.

3. Stop blaming others

The world happens through our own eyes. It is exactly as we represent it internally. We assign meaning to everything whether it is beneficially or unpleasant. When things don’t go as planned, we easily blame the other for it. They do exactly what they want just like us. We are responsible for your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and experience just like anyone else.

One prospective client didn’t want to take responsibility for her emotions. She blamed others about all that had happened to her. So, I couldn’t work with her. I am not responsible for your stuff. You are. Let start examining what happened to you.

I believe that changes begin from within. We respond from within ourselves. Our responses to others aren’t a result of what they do, it’s how we internally represent it. We assign meaning to their behavior that they likely never intended.

So, stop trying to change the other person, because we as humans have the tendency to always try and change someone else. It may be considered normal, but it stops healing from taking place. Once you accept responsibility for your own self, that’s when the change starts to happen.

The key to healing is realizing that you cannot change anyone else. You hold the power to make changes and ability to control your perceptions and emotional responses.

4. Stop the negative inner chatter

You have between 60 000 to 70 000 thoughts per day. The majority of those thoughts are the same ones you had yesterday. Are you believing those thoughts and stories you tell yourself? Are you anticipating the same reactions as yesterday or the last time that thing happened? If so, then, you are living in the past and on auto pilot. Talking to oneself is a normal unconscious habit we do every day. Usually those thoughts are running on autopilot, and are negative in nature.

In order to achieve mental healing, it’s important to become conscious of your unconscious thoughts. Once you realize that your negative mental chatter is a result of suppressed negative memories and emotions, you can use the Eutaptics/Faster EFT process to rewrite them.

Then you’ll find it easier to notice when your thoughts are running on autopilot and correct them.

5. Stop procrastinating and move on toward your desired life!

Procrastination is a powerful drainer. It makes us feel stress and anxious in many subtle ways. On the other side, taking action gives us instant relief and the ability to enjoy the mini results we get from being active.

Fear may be in the way of you getting your goals met or getting yourself to ask for help. We stay the same until there are no more benefits of staying the same. When we realize that this day is precious, that this day won’t come back, that this day is a gift, that it shouldn’t be wasted on doing none important and none urgent tasks, it’s as if we wake up from a long nap. A nap that can be years in the making.

It’s that specific moment, when we know that we have nothing to lose but everything to gain by transforming our life. We see the light at the end of the procrastination tunnel. No more wasting time, energy, money and your unique talents. We want what we want. That urge is the fuel to get out of our own way. That, my friend, is called aligned inspiration. It’s an inner YES. All our energy centers are saying yes which gets you moving forward.

Do you realize that all your desires are on the other side of fear? Imagine that for a moment. You may feel that the fear is thick as a brick wall. But that is an illusion. It is as thick as a veil that you can blow away because you’ve made a decision to transform. Decision comes from the latin word decidere which means killing all alternative. I salute your awakening and you getting the junk out of your mind for good.

I am here to help you in your journey out of procrastination. I am a recognized as a great teacher on procrastination having taught hundreds of adults in a one-day course to tame the procrastination habit.

I hope this article has inspired you to understand yourself better and to understand how healing is within reach. With my help and guidance using tested tools, techniques and years of experiences in holistic coaching, you will release and transform the underlying causes – the patterns, old beliefs, perceptions, resistances, attachments – of anything that holds you back. Yes, anything is possible.

Can’t wait to meet you!

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