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A clear vision of your desired life

Linda Sauvé Bilingual Vision Board

Imagine it is now the future, a few years from now. You never took action to create the changes you want in your life. How do you feel and what do you see? What does it inspire you to do or not do now?

Come back to the present moment. Write down what you just experienced.

Now, I what I want you to do is I want you to imagine you are years off into the future again, near the end of your life. But in this future, you’ve taken imperfect actions every single day to make your life a masterpiece. Because you’ve known for a wild now that you only have one ticket to this particular life. You have lived the full ticket. How is this future different than the one you experienced before? How do you feel and how do represent that great, satisfying future? What does it inspire you to do or not do now? Write all of that down now.

Like Lise Bourbeau, creator of the internationally known school Écoute ton corps wrote in her best seller Écoute ton corps: “Your present determine your future… When you don’t live your present in the instant, how could you create happiness for the future moments since you are not happy now? This explains why your dreams do not manifest as quickly as you would like. Yet, when you succeed at being happy in the now while having future projects, you then create an enjoyable future for yourself.”

Furthermore, we can read Dr Joseph Murphy, poignant reminder in Miracle power for infinite riches: “You are here to live an abundant life, a life filled with love, peace, joy; a rich life. Start now to free the riches of the treasure house in you.”

The fundamental principles of having what you want are:

  • Clearly know what you want.

  • Want what you already have (or change it) because you can’t have more from a place of rejection.

  • Take daily actions towards what you do want. (If there is something you’ve been wanting for a wild and don’t have it yet, it’s probably because you haven’t taken daily actions to get it.)

Disempowering beliefs about yourself may also be one of the many reasons you feel stuck. For example, if you believe you can’t have what you want, well guess what? You are right. Change that belief with professional help like the service I provide in counselling.

Take imperfect actions daily will bring you closer to your goals because a dream without a deadline is just a waste of your imagination.

Remember, that to get what you want you might have to:

  • do something you’ve never done before,

  • do what you don’t want to do or have a lot of resistance doing it. Remember, struggle is optional but effort is vital.

Once you get clear on what you want, stick to it until you have success. Adjustments could be necessary to stay the course.

Just imagine for a moment what your life will be like in a year from now IF you take one single action per week in the right direction. You will have moved forward so much you won’t recognize yourself.

It all start with clarity and intention. My vision board workshops * will do just that: take you to where you want to be and shrink the bridge that separates you and that vision.

With love,


*P.S. For all the details about my Vision Board Workshops and the cities where I will present them in 2019, please contact me by email.

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