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Making any year easier to succeed

Here’s Emotions360 checklist of nifty reminders to achieve your goals regardless of obstacles.

1. Adjust your thinking pattern

Your brain hears every word you say and refers to them constantly.

Tip: What I’ve observed to be potent is when you express yourself put a smile on your face so your brain expects uplifting and empowering words. If that is a challenging habit to take, for now, just notice how you talk to yourself, then observe how you feel just after that thought.

You affirm whatever you say, whether it’s positive or negative. The pattern becomes your teacher. Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind. So, watch as your good thoughts manifest into good things.

2. Know exactly what you’re after

Do something each day to get closer to what you want because that makes life so much more fun. If you feel that there are inner obstacles (beliefs, perceptions or proofs) that can’t be changed, relax. It happens to be my zone of genius. Since 2015, I’ve help stuck adults get out of their own way with lasting results.

Tip: What I’ve observe is that the majority of adults in their prime are focused on what they don’t want which is exactly what they get.

What you put your attention on, expands. Expand only what is relevant to you. Feeling yucky or pushing isn’t the way to start anything meaningful.

3. Keep your list of goals short and to the point.

We underestimate the time it takes to complete a goal especially if it has many moving parts. What will it take to make that desire a reality?

Tip: What I’ve observed is that you want too many things without doing the deep work. And, you set only result based goals which is a sign of Error 404. Take each goal on your wish list and dissect it into a process goal so you have the steps to get to your desired outcome.

Doing the process goals will inevitably bring you to your result goals. That’s something to celebrate. Even more so when you know what will happen before it becomes reality. Go to the last paragraph of this article to know more.

4. Infuse elements of achieving your plan into every day rituals.

For example, how could you gain 10% or better in daily productivity? The daily ritual could be to scan your to do list with the big picture in mind. What step or task could be deleted or simplified so you move faster towards completion.

Tip: Knowing when you will be finished is key into getting it done without doing more. The perfectionist in you will extend the deadline to add a little thing here and there depleting your energy in the process.

5. Reflect on your efforts and accomplishments in order to reinforce them

Prepare a Sunday rendezvous with yourself each week will take about 15 minutes (possibly more). It will help you celebrate what you’ve accomplished and will set the bar for the week ahead. Look at what went well and what didn’t. What did you learn? Write your answers in a notebook for future references.

Tip: I’ve observed that when we don’t do this Sunday summit we get overwhelm and in survival mode (which is the opposite of having a wow week) or we could get distracted by shiny objects during the next week.

6. Keep your plan visible and read it often

Make three copies of your goals and processes. Hang one in your bathroom mirror, one in your day planner and another one where you set your eyes often. This can be your night stand or your desk.

Tip: I’ve observed that when we change the spot where we hang your goals sheet, we review them more often. The brain loves novelty and changing the spot where you place your plan will help your brain be drawn to it.

Printing your goals on yellow paper will also be attractive to your brain. It’s the first color your brain sees.

7. Let go of the final destination

Do all that you can do to make your goals a reality. Having a good-better-best outcome approach makes the next reminder super fun because you always win. We can’t control every aspect of life, so…

Tip: Relax about the “I’m going to succeed at any cost” mentality. It could bring you to be dissatisfied about your work. Experience with my clients shows that dissatisfaction is the number one indicator of physical pain.

8. Celebrate often ( this is a big one)

We are so into getting down that “to do” list that we forget to celebrate what was completed. By jumping too quickly onto the next task, we start with our well half empty.

Tip: Here’s my suggestion. You just finished a task. Take an “in-between- task-moment” to acknowledge and appreciate your creation by taking a few deep breathes with your eyes closed and feel how proud, content, satisfying or any other feel-good sensation this thing gives you. In doing so, you’ll get a double shot of dopamine (the neurotransmitter surnamed the reward hormone). One for having done the task and another one for appreciating the win.

It takes a moment to fill up our well so the next task is started with a full tank. The celebration and that inner smile you get from it is the secret to job satisfaction and so much more. Test it out.

9. Include fun in everything you do

Fun comes first. It comes before you start a task. It’s intentional. The purpose of any business is to serve, have fun, earn a living and leave a legacy. The fun part isn’t so much about what was done, it’s more about what is going to be done. The fun gives meaning to the work we do. A teacher once told me: If it ain’t fun, run”. He was right. We are responsible to infuse fun into every 24 hours we get.

To navigate the spiral of emotions you’ll go through during the creation of your next project, I’ve created the two-hour workshop From stress to Success to recognize the states you’ll go through and, like a wise man or wise woman, know in advance what to expect at each step. To know more, just send me an email with the subject line: I want to go from stress to joy at

About the author: Linda Sauvé, founder of Emotions360, wellness and success teacher (certified practitioner in NLP and advanced certified practitioner in Faster EFT-Eutaptics and certified teacher of Ontario), uses powerful techniques and approaches to impact positively the lives of her adult clients. She is also a speaker (French and English), author of five books and hundreds of articles. She is delighted to offer you a F-R-E-E 30 minute I want what she’s having call to get the results you seek. Run to to reserve your call now.

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